Full Service Fluff & Fold
Have Your Laundry Washed, Dried & Folded For You

How our Fluff & Fold works:

When you don't have the time to do your laundry - drop it off and let us do the dirty work. You can drop off your dirty cloths Monday - Friday between 8am and 9pm and pick up your clean ones Monday - Sunday between 8am and 9pm. We will wash and dry them, then fold and package them, or hang and bag them. Same day service is always available with drop off time before 1pm.

* Your laundry will be weighed and priced when you drop it off.
* We will sort, separate and always check to see if nothing was  
   left in your pockets.
* Whites and colors are washed separately. Your clothes are
   never mixed with anybody else's cloths.
* Your cloths are immediately transferred to individual dryers and
   never mixed with clothing of others.
* It is promptly removed from your dryer when done to reduce
* We carefully hang or fold everything right away to minimize

Fluff & Fold Prices:

Regular laundry: $1.20 per pound 
Minimum order charge: $15.00

Pick-Up and Delivery Service
Regular laundry: $1.25 per pound
Minimum order charge: $20.00

Extra Laundry Services:

$15.00 - Queen/King Comforter 
$10.00 - Twin Comforter
$8.00 - Regular Size Sleeping Bag
$10.00 - Oversized Sleeping Bag
Pillows by the lb.

We accept cash and all major credit cards. Sorry, no personal checks.

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