Horse Blanket Cleaning Services
The BEST choice for your equine laundry needs!

Information About Cleaning
Your Horse Blankets

Everything is laundered in large, oversized commercial washing machines. The detergent we use is absent of fragrance and is gentle on equine garments. It contains no deodorizers or any other chemical that may cause irritation or discomfort to the horse. In addition, every item we clean is given an extra rinse to insure that it is completely rinsed off all cleaning agents.

We line dry all items thoroughly instead of using mechanical drying methods to prevent any possibility of shrinkage, fabric and/or stitching degradation, ripping or tearing.
Cleaning Prices:

$20 - Heavy Canvas 
$20 - Fur or felt lined blankets

$18 - Basic heavy blankets
$15 - Unlined winter rain sheets
$15 - Coolers
$12 - Summer & Fly sheets
$8 - Hoods

All prices include pick-up and delivery!

We accept cash and all major credit cards. Sorry, no personal checks.


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